Birthday Parties

Live airbrushing is an absolute hit at birthday parties. It infuses a sense of excitement, creativity, and interactive fun into the celebration. Partygoers, both young and young-at-heart, can create personalized keepsakes, like custom t-shirts, hats, and more.

Moreover, it's a source of entertainment that engages guests by choosing their designs to observing the artistic transformation. Live airbrushing brings a colorful and dynamic touch to birthday parties, ensuring that the event is an absolute blast and that attendees go home with fantastic, one-of-a-kind mementos to cherish.

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Houston Astros Themed Birthday Party!

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At this event we airbrushed hats for a birthday party with a Houston Astros theme!

Summer Birthday Party!

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This birthday party we made shirts with different designs for the birthday girl and guests!

Houston Astros Themed Pool Party!

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At this pool birthday party we did Astros themed hats, shirts and canvas backpacks for guests!

Pool Parties

Enhance your birthday party by having a fun activity like airbrushing items!

Airbrushing at pool parties is a fantastic idea that adds a splash of creativity and excitement to the aquatic fun! You also don't have to worry about the paint coming off in the water as our paint does not wash off once dried!

Pool party-themed designs, such as tropical motifs or aquatic patterns, can be incorporated, amplifying the event!


Neon Parties

Wanting to make your party pop? We have fluorescent paint that stands out especially under black lights!

Live Airbrush at neon-themed parties is a brilliant idea that amplifies the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of such events! We create

  • Glowing Patterns
  • Neon-themed Designs
  • Neon Colored Items & more!

It allows guests to customize clothing and accessories with neon colors and eye-catching designs, enhancing the overall neon aesthetic


Adult Parties

Whether it is a cocktail party or similar events we offer a range of designs!

Cocktail party-themed designs can be incorporated to match the theme, enhancing the overall ambiance and style of the event! We understand there may be events where only adults are invited so we allow for anything to be designed such as profanity words that are not allowed during our regular family friendly events!

Our airbrush artists help illuminate the style the event with no problem!


Themed Birthday Parties

We offer the option to customize designs to fit your theme!

Theme-specific designs and motifs can be incorporated, reinforcing the theme and intensifying the party's overall aesthetic. We can make

  • Logos following the theme
  • Designs based off of themes
  • Color Schemes from parties

Live Airbrushing is sure to entertain the elements of any event!

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If having us at your event isn't possible, you can place a pre-order for the event, and we'll ensure it's shipped out just in time for the occasion!

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