School Carnivals/Fundraisers

Live airbrushing at school carnivals and fundraisers injects a burst of creativity and excitement into the event. It captivates students, parents, and attendees of all ages with its engaging and interactive nature. Whether customizing t-shirts or small accessories, live airbrushing allows participants to express themselves while creating personalized mementos.

Additionally, it can serve as a fundraising opportunity, generating revenue for school programs or initiatives. Live airbrushing adds a vibrant and memorable aspect to school events, making them more enjoyable and financially beneficial.


School Carnivals

Making items for school carnivals is a great idea as it allows for students to dig into their creativeness!

School-themed designs, such as mascots or school colors, can be incorporated, fostering a sense of school spirit! It creates

  • School Spirit
  • Student Engagement
  • Theme Matching Designs

It's a wonderful way to strengthen school community bonds and create lasting memories for students and their families.



Fundraisers are a great way to show support for a notable cause!

The interactive nature of live airbrushing encourages participation, making the event more enjoyable and memorable. Fundraising-themed designs and messaging can be incorporated, reinforcing the purpose of the event and its charitable mission.

Airbrushing also offers a visual spectacle that captivates attendees and enhances the overall ambiance, ensuring that the fundraiser or benefit leaves a lasting and positive impact


Field Days

Field Days are a time where students are given the time to enjoy the outside and have fun with friends and family!

Airbrushing at field days is a fantastic idea that injects an extra dose of fun and creativity into this exciting outdoor event! We can do

  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Socks & more!

Airbrushing also serves as an eye-catching and entertaining spectacle, enhancing the overall field day experience, making it more memorable and enjoyable for all attendees.



Having a non-profit event showcases a mission important to the organization and we're here to help make it stand out!

Participants can customize clothing, accessories and more with designs that resonate with the non-profit's mission or cause, creating a tangible connection to the organization's purpose. It can design

  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Hoodies & more!

The live airbrushing experience helps build a sense of community and camaraderie among event-goers, as they share in the creative process together.


Pre-sale Orders

If having us at your event is not possible we also offer pre-sale orders which means we can create your order so that it is ready for your event!

Pre-sale ordering can make it easier to get the exact amount of items you need by the day you need them! You are able to pick the products, designs, colors to ensure the items are exactly as wanted!

This customization not only enhances the sense of ownership but also ensures that customers receive one-of-a-kind products.



How does this work?

We offer a very neat package for schools! We charge the school a flat rate to come out and all money collected through tickets or money goes directly back to the school!

Do you offer non profit discounts?

We don't offer a flat discounted rate but we do try to work with any budget.

What items do you recommend?

We recommend shirts or hats, they are the most popular and most economical. Future events we recommend adding an additional item.

How to I know the hats will sell?

We do encourage pre orders for the first time to gauge the amount of interest.

Check us our at School Carnivals/Fundraisers!

Perot Museum's Benefit Event!

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At this benefit event we airbrushed 800 hats for invitees of the Perot Museum!

Staff Advance Church Fundraiser Event!

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We joined them at their annual end of the year event by airbrushing hats for guests of Staff Advance!

Fall School Carnival!

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At this School carnival we made hats for students at an elementary school!

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If having us at your event isn't possible, you can place a pre-order for the event, and we'll ensure it's shipped out just in time for the occasion!

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