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Live airbrushing is a fantastic addition to college events for several compelling reasons. It injects an element of creativity and interactivity that resonates with students. Whether it's customizing clothing, or accessories, live airbrushing allows attendees to express their individuality and create unique mementos from the event.

It fosters a sense of community, making it an excellent fit for college gatherings. Moreover, live airbrushing adds a visually captivating and memorable dimension to college events, ensuring that they are engaging, enjoyable, and leave a lasting impression on students.


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Lone Star College Event!

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The fearless dreamers and wild creatives. The aspiring and the inspired. We see you. We create with you. We are you. Kings of Neon started in 2019 with founder Stephen Pastor’s dream to inspire and create amazing signs and build amazing relationships across the globe. Fast forward a couple of years and we are a core team of creative hustlers bringing sign design dreams to life. As Kings of Neon grows we know that we need to always bring the best old school customer service with a modern twist to the ecommerce world of business. We are constantly searching and levelling up to bring the most up to date, advanced and premium neon products to the market. Our main neon hub is in Australia and we have team members throughout the USA, NZ and UK along with manufacturing partners across the globe. We have big, audacious goals to be in every country all over the world with epic relationships that match. We pride ourselves on helping our clients bring their inspiration and creative design ideas to life and we work with businesses, events and individuals everywhere from big to small. We are so humbled to be able to work with our clients and create LED neon magic on the daily. As leaders in the industry we know our purpose is to lead the way and serve our clients, our crew and our community of creative dreamers. It all started with a dream and now it is something so much bigger…. See you out there dreamer! Show less

University of Denver Event!

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At the University of Denver we airbrushed hats and canvas backpacks for students!

University of Houston Downtown: Latin Night Event!

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At UHD we made 100 shirts for students during Latin Night!

Student Activites/"Welcome week"

The time of the year when new students come in at the beginning of the semester!

Having Live Airbrush at your event can promote school spirit as they are getting to know the school they are entering! We can incorporate

  • School-themed Designs
  • Logos
  • Event Themes

Overall we contribute to the fun and lively atmosphere of student activities events, making them more memorable and visually appealing for all participants.


Organization Awareness

During these events they can work as a way to bring in more students to certain organizations!

Custom designs can reinforce the event's branding and identity, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience for participants! It lets there to be

  • Organization Awareness
  • Engaging Students
  • Personalized items showing off the organization

Live Airbrush makes sure to add an exciting element that guarantees to make us a valuable addition to any organization event!


Themed Events

Not only do we offer students amazing designs but we also do themed events!

It allows students to engage creatively with the theme by customizing their attire, accessories, or even school merchandise to match the event's specific motif. We have done

  • Latin Night
  • Black Heritage Month
  • Homecoming & more!

Themed designs can be incorporated to reinforce the event's visual identity. We are here to contribute to these events in order for them to stick out!


College Products

We can incorporate logos to any apparel at or prior
to the event.

For the products that we offer we make sure that they are useful to students as opposed to products they might not find as useful! We have

  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Water-bottles

Having these options allows for you to ensure that these items will be well enjoyed and not simply put to the side as they are curated for each individual!

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If having us at your event isn't possible, you can place a pre-order for the event, and we'll ensure it's shipped out just in time for the occasion!

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